Posted BY: Daily Mail

Rampant wildfires are continuing to rage across Europe, destroying everything in their path including homes, golf courses, businesses and luxury villas in ‘post-apocalyptic’ scenes.

In France, thousands more were forced to flee their homes as 1,000 firefighters supported by ten water-bomber aircraft continue to battle two infernos that broke out on Tuesday, fanned by scorching heat, tinder-box conditions and strong winds.

The fires have now burnt 7,300 hectares in Gironde, an increase of 2,000 hectares just overnight, authorities said. 

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One of the French fires is in woodlands just south of the Atlantic resort town of Arcachon, a major attraction for visitors from around France and beyond during the summer season. 

The other is in parkland not far from valleys dotted with vineyards that have struggled with hotter, drier weather than usual this year. 

Some of the firefighting planes and equipment that were supposed to be displayed in Thursday’s Bastille Day parade in Paris was diverted for use on the Bordeaux region fires. Wildfires also broke out in southeast France and north of Paris. 

Local resident Karyn told Le Figaro: ‘I’ve never seen it and it really feels like it’s post-apocalyptic, it’s falling everywhere, on cars, it’s worrying.’

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