Posted BY: Daily Mail

  • While local Uvalde police have been the focus of weeks of criticism, the investigation committee found that state and federal law enforcement were also largely responsible for the botched response to the mass shooting
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  • The Robb Elementary School failed to adhere to its own safety protocols meant to protect against shooters, including a shortage of keys at the school leading to doors regularly being propped or left unlocked. Unreliable WiFi in parts of the school also led to a poor use of an app intended to notify the school of a lockdown in the event of an emergency. The committee also found that staff often lacked urgency when responding to emergency alerts issued over the app
  • School staff were desensitized to emergencies announced on the app because notifications were so frequently broadcast. Teachers at the school – which is located an hour from the US-Mexico border – were often sent emergency notifications related to border patrol activities in the area. There were 47 ‘lockdown’ events at the school between May and February, 90% of which concerned border patrol activity

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