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Natural News) Not only does Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) not protect against COVID, but official government data from the Canadian province of Manitoba show that the shots actually increase a person’s risk of death.

The latest figures available for May show that only nine percent of deaths and 14 percent of hospital admissions in the province were unvaccinated people, despite them representing 17 percent of the population.

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An analysis of the data further shows that vaccinated, but unboosted people are about 50 percent more likely to be hospitalized or die from covid compared to unvaccinated people (Related: Last summer, the Canadian government forced people to get injected in order to travel).

“People who had received boosters had roughly the same risk of hospitalization or death as the unvaccinated,” notes Alex Berenson about the data.

Two illustrative charts, which you can view on Berenson’s Substack, show that hospitalizations and deaths are most prominent among the fully jabbed, all things considered.

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