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American families are spending 15% more than last year on food expenses. How are they coping with the cost increases?

The shocking finding is from the latest the Golden/TIPP Poll of 1,643 Americans completed past Friday.

The poll asked Americans how they were dealing with the higher food costs. While 88% of the survey respondents replied they were making changes, 10% said they had not made changes to their food budgets.

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Given an option to choose all that applied, the survey found –

  • 50% Buying store brands more often
  • 47% Cutting down on high-ticket items (i.e., meats)
  • 36% Shopping at bargain stores
  • 34% Eating less (portion sizes)
  • 23% Skipping meals
  • 21% Go to food banks to supplement groceries
  • 20% Applied and got federal or state assistance such as SNAP/WIC
  • 17% Growing my vegetables
  • 2% Other

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