Posted BY: Stephen H. Dawson

The United States in the 1950s transformed into a non-constitutional form of government, where federal departments collectively hold more authority than elected officials.  The transformation broadened in the 1960s and leveled off during the 1990s.  The ability to transition back to three branches of government as defined in the U.S. Constitution is the intent of the growing citizen majority today.  The increasing friction among all involved parties for restoring the constitutional form of government is heating to a flashpoint by way of strife.

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Dwight Eisenhower cautioned against this transformation during his farewell speech with his warning of the military-industrial complex growing beyond manageability.  The U.K. prime minister’s selection process is a close example of the identified U.S. government transformation.  The U.K. people vote for a party to be in the majority, then the elected party members select a prime minister.  The U.K. P.M. is selected by party members instead of elected directly by the people. 

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