Posted BY: Monroe Wesson

I have relatives on different sides of moral issues than myself.  Every now and then I try to find middle ground.  It usually turns into one giant online dogpile, with random people I don’t know coming out of the woodwork to unload all their venom and anger at me.  I’m grateful I’ve had a stepsister, a cousin, and a stepbrother-in-law (married to a different stepsister) who are brave enough to step up and argue the same side as me after I’ve withstood the initial barrage, but it generally is an exercise in futility.  My most recent experience was thus:

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My relative posted one of those propaganda reposts.  It stated: “It’s not about marriage, it’s about inheritance, it’s about visiting people in hospitals, it’s about benefits, that is why we must keep fighting!”  I believe the idea was that since Dobbs overturned Roe v Wade, Obergefell (redefining marriage to include homosexual relationships) was on the table. 

I responded that I supported changes to inheritance laws, changes to hospital regulations to allow visitors, and changing of laws regulating insurance and benefits to include nonmarried unrelated persons, and that marriage did not have to be redefined for them to get what they want.  Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say.  During the exchange there were a few things left me scratching my head.  Here are a few examples:

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