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A Houston cop is being lauded as a hero for thwarting a possible mass shooting at a Texas mall.

The worrisome incident took place in February, but Houston Police Sgt. Kendrick Simpo is just now speaking about how he may have prevented a massacre.

On Feb. 5, Simpo was working an extra job at The Galleria mall in Houston’s Uptown District when he received a call about a man wielding a rifle near the Macy’s retail store.

Simpo and a security guard rushed towards Macy’s, but along the way, there was a dance competition inside the mall with hundreds of children and adults. The crowd was only a few hundred feet away from Macy’s.

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“I did know there was a dance competition with little kids going on at the Westin Ballroom, so I didn’t pull my weapon out because I didn’t want to be running towards the Macy’s area, which is past the ballroom area, with the gun out and startle anyone,” Simpo told KTRK-TV.

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