Posted BY: Peggy Ryan

Admiral Grace Hopper once said it’s “much easier to apologize than to get permission.”  She’s right.  To ask is to risk being endlessly bounced through the bureaucracy or swamped in useless, redundant forms.  Even worse, you could be told no. 

Today many in position to make laws or issue orders are fully embracing this plan: push ahead, ignore the law, and just get it done.  The beauty of this plan is that it’s much harder, if not impossible, to undo something already in place.  Thus the Deep State, globalists, insurgents utilize the “don’t ask, can’t fail” strategy, where even an unlawful or unconstitutional order is treated as real law until the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) says otherwise. 

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Thus, these racketeers can enforce their illegitimate orders for months, even years while the case makes its way through the judicial maze.  If they lose the case, they can appeal to a higher court and appeal again and again until the case finally reaches SCOTUS.  Watching our illustrious court system in action is like watching grass grow in a drought.

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