‘The patriarchy is so brilliant that biological men are now winning Women of the Year awards,’ Daily Wire co-founder and podcaster Ben Shapiro joked.

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PHILADELPHIA (LifeSiteNews) — William “Lia” Thomas, the controversial male athlete who “identifies” as a female and competes on the women’s swim team, was nominated for the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year award on Thursday by the University of Pennsylvania.

Thomas, 22, has shattered records and generated national controversy since he began competing on the women’s team in 2019 after swimming for three seasons on the men’s team.

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In March, Thomas was declared the winner of the NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle event, coming in 1.75 seconds ahead of the best female swimmer, Virginia’s Emma Weyant of Sarasota, Florida. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis subsequently signed a proclamation declaring Weyant the “true winner” of the competition.

Thomas has drawn backlash from conservatives, women’s rights activists, and teammates for his involvement in women’s sports, with many arguing that regardless of how he “identifies,” it’s unfair and wrong for a male to compete against females.

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