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100 Percent Fed Up reported on Apr 6, 2022, that in response to the Biden administration ending Title 42, Abbott announced that “Texas will be taking its own precedented actions this month.”

Among a series of strategies covered at the press conference, the one that generated the most buzz was Abbott’s announcement that Texas would begin using charter buses to ship illegal immigrants to Washington D.C.

On Sunday, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss the persistent homelessness problem plaguing her city.

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Host Margaret Brennan brought up a Washington Post report that suggested homeless shelters are now becoming filled with illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas and Arizona.

Bowser was asked about a report that said homeless shelters in the district were filling up as busloads of migrants were being dropped off in the city.

Bowser said that she fears illegal immigrants are being “tricked” into traveling to her city. She also admitted that it’s a “significant issue” and called on the federal government to get more involved.

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