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The federal investigation into Hunter Biden has reached a ‘critical juncture’ and investigators are weighing whether to charge the president’s son, according to a report on Wednesday night.

The Department of Justice probe in Delaware has intensified in recent weeks over whether to bring charges on tax violations or making false statements on purchasing a gun, sources told CNN.

There are also concerns about DOJ guidelines which suggest avoiding updates in major, politically sensitive cases so close to the election.

The report states that no decision has been made, with just over four months until the midterms and the Democrats and White House nosediving in the polls.

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It adds mounting pressure on the Biden family with Republicans already saying Hunter will be a target of their congressional investigations if they retake the House. 

The GOP is seeking answers on whether the president knew about his son’s foreign business dealings, even though he has constantly denied any knowledge. 

Hunter would have been prohibited from buying a gun at the time because of his well-documented struggles with drug addiction. 

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