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(Natural News) Researchers out of Scotland claim that Atlantic Ocean plankton, microscopic organisms that sustain ocean life, are basically now extinct due to persistent chemical pollution.

After two years of collecting water samples for testing, the Edinburgh-based team found that upwards of 90 percent of all Atlantic plankton has vanished.

It was previously believed that since the 1940s, plankton population numbers only dropped by about half. A 90 percent reduction is substantially higher than that and could point to an extinction-level event (ELE) currently in motion.

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There are only a few years left, scientists say, before fish, whales and dolphins, which rely on plankton for food, become extinct themselves. (Related: Ocean pollution is also linked to a phenomenon called “toxic slime”.)

“An environmental catastrophe is unfolding,” the researchers, from the Global Oceanic Environmental Survey Foundation (GOES), say.

“We believe humanity could adapt to global warming and extreme weather changes. It is our view that humanity will not survive the extinction of most marine plants and animals.”

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