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Russian president Vladimir Putin has sent two supersonic Tu-160 nuclear missile bombers soaring over the Barents Sea north of Norway, Finland and Sweden in yet another show of force.

Putin and other Russian officials on several occasions warned Finland and Sweden, who had long been militarily neutral until their decision to apply for NATO membership, not to join forces with the Western security bloc upon threat of military action. 

The despot later rolled back his comments in the wake of the Nordic countries’ formal application in May, telling pundits: ‘There is nothing that could bother us about Sweden and Finland joining NATO. They can join whatever they want,’ in a scrambling attempt to save face. 

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But the deployment of two aircraft capable of carrying and launching nuclear warheads serves as a stark reminder of Moscow’s opposition to the expansion of NATO along the northern Russian border.  

MiG-31 fighter jets escorted the Tu-160 aircraft, nicknamed ‘White Swans’, on a mission lasting more than seven hours.

The flyover comes as the Russian leader arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran on only his second visit outside Russia since the start of the war in Ukraine.

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