Posted BY: Jack Bovee

There is much that America can be proud of in our relationship with China. Our nation was often at odds with other global powers in our attempt to protect that nation’s sovereignty. Often, we stood alone. Following independence, our new nation was shut off from trade within the British Empire and both China and the U.S. benefited from cooperative trade agreements.

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Until driven out by the communists 150 years later, American missionaries in China established churches, schools, and worked to relieve the distress of the poor. When Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan began carving out spheres of influence within China, the United States sought to negotiate “Open Door Agreements” with them to protect Chinese interests. When the Boxer Rebellion threatened the lives of thousands of Europeans and an international military coalition restored order in China, the United States made it a point to use the Chinese financial reparations to educate Chinese students in American universities to assist in its modernization upon their return. In the 1930s, as Japan used its military to invade China, America refused to invoke neutrality in order to legally supply China with weapons.

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