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Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader and top ally of Vladimir Putin, said Sunday that he is waiting on an order from the Russian president to blast Western countries to “smithereens.”

Kadyrov made the declaration in a Telegram post that announced the completion of a new Chechen regiment called “North-Akhmat,” which was one of four that the Chechen leader announced was being formed last month to help replenish Russia’s troops during its ongoing war with Ukraine. He wrote that Russia is the only country in the world to “speak out against the infernal abomination that the West spreads,” and that he is grateful that Putin “made such a correct decision and gave us the opportunity to take part in this sacred struggle against Satanism.”

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“We are ready to go further on orders, to easily take Kyiv and the NATO countries,” the post read. “Our units, hardened in real battles, will not be able to resist any army in the world. We have experience, arsenal, faith, patriotism, idea and TRUTH! The West does not yet understand how strong WE are!”

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