Posted BY: Janet Levy

The meaning of weiqi, the ancient Chinese game of strategy, is ‘encirclement game.’ But in weiqi it isn’t enough to surround enemy stones to capture ground. It’s vital to have some of your stones within enemy territory. When you then lay siege, swathes of the board fall with no fighting. China’s leaders, strategists, and generals swear by Sun Tzu and weiqi: they combine the lessons of the philosopher’s Art of War with principles of the game to win without fighting, deploying long-term plans and deception, skirmishing on many fronts, and creating outposts hidden in plain sight.

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One such outpost, an agro-industrial plant of China’s Fufeng group, is in the development stages on American soil – in Grand Forks, North Dakota, to be precise. It’s 13 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB) and 85 miles from the Cavalier Space Force Station. This is the Great Plains region, so uninterrupted lines of sight make visual and electronic surveillance of the base and station uncomplicated. Given China’s ambition to dominate the world and its ingrained culture of war by deception, it would be naïve to think the plant won’t be used for espionage.

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