Posted By: Cristina Laila

Joe Biden on Thursday announced he tested positive for Covid-19.

Biden is quadruple vaxxed and he still got Covid.

What we don’t know is when exactly Joe Biden began feeling Covid symptoms.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden felt tired Wednesday after his trip to Somerset, Massachusetts where he announced to the world he had cancer in a possible gaffe.

“Can you explain when [Biden] started feeling mild symptoms?” a reporter asked KJP.

“I cannot say exactly when that occurred,” she said.

But it doesn’t matter because the media sycophants and stenographers are praising Joe Biden for doing everything right related to his Covid diagnosis.

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NBC hack Yamiche Alcindor attacked Trump’s Covid bout and said Joe Biden’s Covid diagnosis is different.

“Let’s remember his predecessor took off his mask, even though he was sort of in the period where he could have possibly infected other people,” said Alcindor.


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