Posted BY: Julian Conradson

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who was named the “most powerful man in Europe” just months ago, was officially relieved of his post on Thursday after failing to garner enough support from his ruling party ahead of yesterday’s no-confidence vote in Parliament.

“After yesterday’s debate I have drawn my conclusions,” Draghi explained briefly before his meeting with the President.

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The Italian Parliament also announced that it would dissolve following Draghi’s announcement.

After rejecting his request last week, Italian President Sergio Mattarella accepted Draghi’s resignation, making the PM the FIFTH international leader to have stepped down from their position in recent weeks (not to even mention dozens of lower-level elected officials that have been ousted). The former PM will, however, continue to remain in charge of “current affairs” until a replacement is named. The move puts the country on course to hold snap elections by as early as mid-September or early October, according to several news sources.

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