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The attacker had some kind of knife blade but thanks to members of the audience who sprang into action, Zeldin was not injured. He was however pulled down to the ground but was able to get out unharmed.

Here’s a couple of videos of the encounter:

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The man who attacked Zeldin was named David Jakubonis:

The attacker, identified by three senior law enforcement officials as David Jakubonis of Fairport, was subdued by members of the audience after he charged Zeldin, WHEC-TV reported.

That NBC affiliate reported that audience members disarmed the man, and put him in zip-ties that were pulled from campaign posters.

The suspect may have had some sort of bladed instrument, NBC News reported.

Zeldin was able to finish his remarks and thanked law enforcement for their help.

I have seen an alternate spelling of the attacker’s last name, Jackbonis, however I don’t think it’s correct because I could find no name like it.

We don’t know anything about the man other than the obvious at this point. But when we learn more I’ll certainly let you know.