Posted BY: Scott S. Powell

Since war is universally understood as a military engagement between two opposing nations or groups of nations in alliance with each other, few realize that the United States is already in a war — a world war. It’s not a shooting war like World War I and World War II (or the Cold War, which we will consider as WW III), but the stakes are just as high and deadly. Waged by globalist elites and marketed under banners such as “the Green New Deal,”

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“Build Back Better,” and the “Great Reset,” this war is being waged by cabals and organizations both within and from outside our borders. In short, we face irregular and unrestricted warfare against the sovereignty of the United States — the world’s oldest constitutional republic that has provided more freedom and opportunity to its citizens than any other government in the history of mankind.

Once you understand the basic facts behind this total unrestricted war, everything begins to make sense.

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