Posted BY: Emily Harvey

RINOs are desperate to quash the conservative movement. Perfect examples are an opinion piece from Henry Olson, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (“EPPC”) published in Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post, entitled “Please, Republicans. Donʼt nominate Kari Lake for Arizona governor” and a Mike Pence endorsement of Lake’s GOP rival.

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Because Henry Olsen’s path and mine have crossed in DC over the years, I can tell you that Olsen is unfailingly an absurdly decent and uncommonly pleasant person. Still, there is obviously some entrenched hatred smoldering below his kind surface, laser-focused against Donald Trump—which now apparently extends by default to anyone who espouses Trump’s “America First” sentiments.

Olsen’s accumulated writings against all things Trump-related are clearly ad-hominem in origin. I can’t imagine what could have caused his animus, but believe that it is unfitting that he uses his EPPC pulpit to air his obviously personal animus against Trump.

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