Posted BY: Rick Fuentes

Provided the Democrats don’t meddle with the mail-in ballots, drop boxes, or cover their hijinks with a doomsday variant, congressional gavels will change hands in November.  If Joe Biden seeks re-election after this drubbing, it will be against the will of the voting majority, including several Democrat bigwigs, and in the face of a media in retreat. As a withering octogenarian, his doddering gait and stumbling faculties will be a sad feature on prime time television.  As patience now wears thin over his lack of leadership and unforced errors, Biden is increasingly party deadweight, a first-term lame duck headed for forced retirement at the hands of his own political allies.   

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The usual bluebloods — Klobuchar, Booker, Warren, etc. — stand ready for an encore primary performance, although the Democrat stock of late is diminished by an electorate-at-large who see them as holding the common welfare hostage to economy-killing climate hysterics while leaving supersized carbon footprints and getting rich off fail-safe stock investments.  After consistently being shot down by party turncoats and high court decisions, progressives view the presidential aspirations of many upper and lower House Democrats as dead in the water by their failure to hijack state elections, disarm the populace, and consummate the green raw deal.

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