Posted BY: Kristinn Taylor

It’s not just Joe and Kamala who are tanking in the polls a year-and-half into the disastrous Biden-Harris presidency. Even First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D, is deeply unpopular with the American people, with only 34 percent having a favorable opinion of her according to a recent CNN poll.

Jill Biden is far less popular than Melania Trump (who was relentlessly attacked and smeared by the 24/7 Democrat-media hate machine) even when compared to Melania’s January 2021 low of 42 percent.

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Uber feminist Jill Biden has only a 39 percent favorability from women! Only 47 percent favorability among the key Democrat constituency of African-Americans. And just 67 percent favorability among Democrats overall–10 percent among Republicans and 25 percent among independents.

The poll, which was taken before Jill’s Taco speech fiasco at a “Latinx” convention, shows she only has a 33 percent favorability among Hispanics.

Maybe her unpopularity has something to do with Jill Biden snubbing her and Joe’s young granddaughter Navy Joan, Hunter’s love child, even at Christmas.

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