It could solve three mysteries with one stone.

Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

A new discovery of extreme habitats could help us solve three mysteries with one stone — provide new insights into how Earth’s oceans formed, reveal the secrets of extraterrestrial life, and unveil potential cancer-fighting compounds.

This is all thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Miami, who has discovered massive brine deep-sea pools in the Red Sea that quickly kill or paralyze anything that enters them, according to an initial report by Live Science.

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Life does exist on the outskirts of these aquatic death traps; however, any unfortunate animals that delve below the surface do not survive and instead become pickled. However, these rare brine pools may retain clues about millennia-long climatic changes in the region and could even shed light on the origins of life on Earth, a study published in the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment shows.

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