Posted BY: Pete McArdle

The beauteous Ali McGraw, in the movie Love Story, tells us, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

As the latest variant of COVID-19 sweeps the land, that movie line is also the mantra of federal, state, and local health officials.

They’re doctors, some of them much like “Dr.” Jill, and they love you, John Q. Citizen, so much that, even when they totally botch the U.S. response to the Wuhan Flu, causing untold death and misery, they feel no need to apologize.

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So they will never apologize for ordering shutdowns.

“Everybody stay in your cave!” is a short-term provision for a wolf or a shooter on the loose.  Used on a large scale, society simply unravels.

We were supposed to shut down for only two weeks.

The extended and unnecessary countrywide shutdowns damaged children, mental health, small businesses, access to routine medical care, the arts, and…the list goes on.

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