Posted BY: M. Brett Callaway

Dan Bongino has a maxim: “Conservatives believe Leftists are basically good people with bad ideas. Leftists believe Conservatives are bad people with ideas.”  

Looking at the culture war that we’re in the midst of through this lens is helpful to understanding how the Left has achieved its position of tyranny over our society.  Their catastrophic decisions, along with our complicity through inaction, or at best ineffective action, are ruining our economy and institutions while undermining our freedoms at a breathtaking speed.  

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In the time it takes for us to finally recognize one of the train wrecks for what it is and begin to act, they have moved on and planted the seeds for ten more.  Why?  How can we get much better at recognizing the enemy for what it is and the enemy’s tactics for what they are?  It is to be expected that the enemy is working against you.  That’s why they’re called the enemy!  But why do so many conservatives fail to see?  Why do so many say they hate socialism and communism, yet step into its booby-traps over and over again?

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