Posted BY: Mark C. Ross

Ol’ Liz Cheney will be tossed into the bone yard of defunct politicians on August 16.  Some, maybe much, will be said about the relevance of Liz’s demise as to November’s national midterm election.  But Wyoming isn’t (ahem) typical of the rest of the USA.  Wish that it were…but other factors are involved.  Nonetheless, Democrats are scurrying about seeking safe havens, with appropriate futility.

They’re leaning on the abortion issue, but the fact that every state can make its own rules on the subject kind of defuses the issue as a rallying cry.  Oh, dear!

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Operating beneath this process is a seldom mentioned power possessed by Mr. Donald J. Trump: he somehow manages to bring out the worst in his enemies.  Perhaps it’s because they are so fearful of what he can still do to their precious status quo that they just throw all caution to the wind.

Cheney’s demise is akin to what has happened to Representative Adam Schiff.  Once just a hack member of the Metro L.A. Democrat machine, his last name is now being used on the radio as an FCC-compliant alternative word for fecal matter.

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