Posted BY: Jonathon Moseley

So what did we learn from the final “cliffhanger” season finale of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol?  Of course, the cast hopes to be renewed for another season and promised to be “baaack!” in September.

Well, first, the Democrats of both parties are interested only in convincing people not to vote for Trump again.  They’re not so much interested in improving security at the Capitol or improving communications or lines of cooperation among security agencies involved. Even the handling of the six permits issued by the U.S. Capitol could be improved, but that’s not interesting.

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The Left and the Swamp of both parties hate Trump with the heat of a thousand suns because they feel the sting of the voters’ rejection from 2016.  They spent their lives studying government and politics (getting everything wrong and making a mess of things) and yet the voters chose him over them. 

It reminds one of an ex-boyfriend angry with rejection that his girlfriend dumped him for that?  “I would be so much better for you than him!”  Why can’t she see it?  Surely, she will come running back.  The voters must not have noticed that the political elites are so much better for us than Trump.

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