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The man who attempted to assassinate NY Governor candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin is back in jail on federal charges

43-year-old David Jakubonis attempted to assassinate New York Republican Gubernatorial candidate Representative Lee Zeldin during his speech on Thursday. The man attacked Zeldin with a sharp key-ring which was designed for self-defense, but thankfully Rep. Zeldin and those around him were able to fend off the attack and tackle the assailant to the ground.

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After the attack, Representative Zeldin made it clear that he believed that the attacker would be let out of jail immediately due to the same cashless bond system which he was criticizing in his speech when he was attacked. He was correct, and Jakubonis was released immediately on his own recognizance. This is due to New York’s ludicrously lax laws regarding bail, incarceration, and justice in general–something Zeldin aims to change as governor.

However, Saturday afternoon, Jakubonis was taken into custody by the FBI on federal assault charges.

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