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More than ever, the globe is in need of energy. We require a lot of energy for daily tasks, such as keeping warm and cozy in our rooms, lighting our homes, and traveling to work. To address this, an Indian scientist is creating a piece of the Sun on the Earth.

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A daring traveler who prefers to take undiscovered routes. A  casual sketcher who likes creating new things. A  bold physicist who persists in thinking she can succeed despite setbacks. A  material scientist who sees trial and error as an essential component of her discipline. A  lifelong learner who treasures the lessons she has gained via her persistent efforts. Sejal Shah is a scientist at the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) in Gandhinagar. She is a part of the Indian team working with partners around the world to complete an ambitious project: building a piece of the Sun on Earth. Shah uses her knowledge of physics and material science to assist in simulating the star’s core operations, reports The Print.

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