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Every week is a tough week for this White House right now.

But as he recovers from his Covid-19 infection, President Joe Biden faces a new moment of truth this week about an economy that is stuck in an identity crisis and buffeted by unpredictable outside forces — and his White House knows it, as advisers scramble to front-run what many think could be a week of more gloomy data.

“This is not an economy that’s in recession, but we’re in a period of transition in which growth is slowing,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told NBC News on Sunday, though she noted that there are “threats on the horizon.”

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At any other time, a President presiding over a 3.6% unemployment rate — a shining number that normally would suggest a healthy economy — would expect his approval rating to be around 50% and be cruising to a second term. But Biden’s job performance rating has slumped into the 30s, and Democrats are bracing for big losses in midterm elections in November.

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