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On “The Rubin Report,” Blaze TV host Dave Rubin spoke with James Lindsay, Libby Emmons, and Elisha Krauss about a recent CNN poll that shows President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have reached an “all-time low.”

On “The Lead,” CNN’s political director, David Chalian, told host Jake Tapper that Biden’s approval ratings have hit a new low in CNN polling, tracking well below former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George Bush for having the “right priorities” at this point in his presidency.

According to the poll, the president’s overall job approval rating is at 38%, while his disapproval rating stands at 62%. At least 82% of Americans think the current economic conditions are “poor,” only 30% approve of how Biden is handling the economy, and a mere 25% think he’s doing a good job of tackling inflation.

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Tapper called Biden’s dismal approval ratings a “somber outlook for the state of our nation” and tried his best to act like the poll results were “shocking” (despite looking anything but shocked by the latest poll.)