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Last night something miraculous happened: Tudor Dixon won the GOP primary for governor in Michigan! She received 47% of the vote compared to Ryan Kelley (23%) and Kevin Rinke (13%). Dixon is endorsed by the DeVos family, one of the most influential families in the State of Michigan. She is also endorsed by the “RINO” Sen. Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey.

Incumbent Peter Meijer also defeated John Gibbs by a 50% spread. And Tom Norton lost to John Moolenaar for US House District 2 in a 55%/45% race.

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The problem is Michigan’s election primary doesn’t take place for another eight days on August 2nd. Last night, several news networks published to their websites, prematurely, a results page displaying predominantly GOP races. There were a handful of democrat primaries sprinkled into the published results. While no link was put on their home page leading to these results, they were live and searchable by Google and other search engines.

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