Posted BY: Jeff M. Lewis

On July 8, 2022, Tucker Carlson laid out an extensive indictment against the Chinese Communist Party, Joe Biden, the media, and the medical establishment regarding COVID. For me, there have always been nagging and inescapable questions about the pandemic. In my mind, the timing was always just too convenient. Tucker’s monologue re-ignited my curiosity and the questions have arisen once more. Maybe it’s just me, but…

In late January 2020, the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in the United States. At that time, America was strong, even on the rise. There was energy independence and, before the pandemic-induced shutdowns, supply chains were working as they should, gas prices were reasonable, the workforce participation was at all-time highs, and every American who wanted to work could work. Every racial, ethnic, and cultural demographic was benefitting from the strong economy, and wages and salaries were increasing.

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Yet behind the scenes, almost certainly in violation of federal law, U.S. taxpayers were funding virus research in China, including a particularly dangerous type of research—“gain of function,” meaning the researchers take a naturally occurring virus from the animal kingdom and “jack it up” genetically, to make it infectious to humans. A “novel” virus.

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