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The much-vaunted energy solidarity among EU members is not holding together well. Several EU countries have been blocking Brussels’ austerity plans – there is massive resistance from four EU countries.

According to a proposal by the EU Commission, gas savings should start immediately because the gas that is not being used now would then be available in winter. In the event that Russia were to completely stop its gas deliveries to the EU, the proposal from Brussels also provides for a compulsory energy regulation.

The Portuguese environment and energy ministry said the EU Commission’s proposal was unsustainable and disproportionate.

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According to Joo Galamba, the EU logic behind rationing presupposes interlinked European gas distribution systems. Galamba said for years and years his country was disadvantaged because it had no links to the rest of Europe’s energy distribution network and had to buy more expensive gas. Reductions in Russian gas deliveries therefore make no sense.

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