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Dramatic new video shows the moment police shoot and injure a woman who had pulled out a gun and opened fire at Dallas airport on Monday. 

The intense footage comes as it emerged that the suspect, Portia Odufuwa, 37, is a career criminal known to police who a judge decided was not a danger to the public after she called herself ‘God’s prophet’.

Travelers are seen ducking and cowering at the baggage check-in of Dallas’s Love Field airport when a single gunshot rings out and a woman’s agonized screams can be heard.

The intense clip then shows a police officer with his gun drawn advance towards the scene while other cops shout at the suspect to stay down and not move.

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The action by airport cops came after Odufuwa allegedly drew a gun after emerging from a bathroom and fired it several times into the ceiling, bringing the bustling transit hub to a standstill.

After being shot in the lower body she was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where she remains, police said. The Federal Aviation Administration also issued a ground stop at the airport. 

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