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Two Dallas women are seeking $1 million in damages from Taco Bell after a store manager poured boiling water on them causing permanent skin damage and a lifelong change to their appearance, according to a new lawsuit. 

The lawsuit names the plaintiffs as Brittany Davis and her niece, named only as C.T., 16, in documents. 

One section of the lawsuit says that C.T.’s facial injuries are so severe her mother, Kira, has removed all of the mirrors from their home because her daughter can’t ‘bear to see her own face.’

The incident occurred on June 17 at the Taco Bell location in the 11800 block of Abrams Road, just off of Interstate 635, in northeastern Dallas.

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The lawsuit was filed on July 13. The pair are being represented in the lawsuit by high-profile civil rights lawyers, Ben Crump and Paul Grinke.

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