Posted BY: Ted Belman

Biden has come and gone with little to show for it.  But he has, however, left some debris in his wake that will set the stage for Israel’s coming election.

While he reaffirmed his support for the Two-State Solution (TSS), he went on to say, “The ground is not right at this moment to restart negotiations,” and “The two-state solution is still the best way to ensure peace and democracy for Israelis and Palestinians; however, I don’t see a near horizon for this solution.”

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Prime Ministers Lapid and Gantz share that view.  Lapid said, “A two-state solution is a guarantee for a strong, democratic State of Israel with a Jewish majority.”  Gantz expanded upon this recently with many striking comments at the Aspen Conference in the U.S.

He began by suggesting that “I think the Abraham Accords can today help strengthen the Palestinian Authority, and build a reality of separation and two entities.”  He continued: “I see this as a Zionist matter, and Israel must be a safe, democratic and Jewish state.”

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