“I am being punished for speaking about what I am seeing firsthand. I have now treated over 4,000 COVID-19 patients, and every single one of them who has received early treatment has stayed out of the hospital and survived, and no one has had any adverse repercussions from my treatment,” says Dr. Mary Bowden.

Posted BY: Jamie White

A Texas MD is suing Houston Methodist Hospital for revoking her medical privileges after sharing her views of ivermectin and vaccine mandates on social media.

Dr. Mary Bowden filed a 19-page lawsuit against the hospital seeking $25 million in damages, claiming they “defamed” her and damaged her reputation as a medical doctor.

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“The way they came after me was unprofessional, unprecedented against the spirit of bylaws of their bylaws,” Bowden said.

“I was proud to get privileges there. It’s very sad what they have become,” she said.

Dr. Bowden was stripped of her privileges and lambasted by the Houston Methodist Hospital after she praised ivermectin and condemned vaccine mandates on Twitter in November 2021.

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