Posted BY: Kristinn Taylor

What is this incoherent fool talking about?

A bug-eyed Joe Biden barely blinked, perhaps twice, toward the end of a choppily spliced video of an 11 minute long speech released by the White House on Monday that featured a subdued, sleepy-eyed Biden blinking normally at the beginning but ended with a suddenly changed, agitated, bug-eyed Biden after an abrupt edit. There are at least ten spliced edits in the video, some coming seconds apart, others minutes apart.

Tucker Carlson recently reported a source told him Biden was fed pills by his staff, overseen by wife Jill, during the 2020 campaign that changed him from acting “like a small child” so he could perform at speeches and events.

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Monday’s speech was recorded for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Conference held in Orlando. Biden was scheduled to speak in person as part of a two event swing though Florida that was canceled after he became infected with COVID despite being quadruple vaccinated.

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