The numbers come as Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink

Posted BY: RT News

Some 75% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters want someone other than President Joe Biden to represent the party in 2024, a new CNN poll found. Hammered over his handling of the US economy, Biden’s approval ratings have dipped below 30%.

Published on Tuesday, the survey found that just 25% of Democrats and likely Democrat voters want Biden to run again, down from 45% in February. 24% want him to duck out of the race as they think he can’t win, while 32% don’t want him back in office. 

Enthusiasm for Biden is lowest among young Democrats, with just 18% of those under 45 preferring the 79-year-old as their party’s 2024 nominee.

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The poll’s results are not isolated. A separate survey from the University of New Hampshire on Wednesday showed just 31% of Democrats in the Granite State want Biden to run in 2024, with 59% opposing a 2024 run by the incumbent president. Earlier this month, a Yahoo News/YouGov poll revealed that just 18% of Americans of all affiliations support a 2024 Biden campaign, with 64% opposing. 

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