Rep. Jim Jordan said it is time “put in place the right kind of leadership at the Justice Department who will actually rein that institution in, get rid of the politics and focus on equal treatment under the law.”

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Two senior Republicans likely to chair House investigative committees next year if the GOP wins control of Congress say they are prepared to compel testimony from Hunter and James Biden about their overseas business deals and to use the power of the purse to force the FBI to address long-simmering questions about its integrity.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) told the “Just the News, Not Noise” television show on Thursday night that if he wins the chairmanship of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next January, he will methodically look to compel testimony from President Joe Biden’s son and brother.

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“We’re gonna ask them to testify, and when they say no, then we’ll subpoena them,” Comer said in a wide-ranging interview. “So that’ll be probably the first subpoena issued by a Republican majority.”

Comer stressed that the subpoena wasn’t an effort at further political embarrassment of an already-unpopular president, but rather an attempt to address the legitimate national security and ethics questions surrounding the Biden family’s dealings with companies in countries like Russia, China and Ukraine.

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