“It’s all this mindless blather about you got to submit to the state, wear a mask”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Senator Rand Paul expressed congratulations to Joe Biden for surviving COVID and achieving “real immunity”.

Asked to react to Biden’s first appearance since he contracted the virus, Paul said “If he wanted to give us some accurate news he could have come out with his mask and lit his lighter and burned it.”

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The Senator added, “He could have said, ‘you know what I now have natural immunity. I’ve had the disease, I survived and the CDC says that I’m twice as protected from natural immunity as I am by the vaccines. I have the real immunity now’”

“But he won’t say that because it’s all this mindless blather about you got to submit to the state, wear a mask,” Paul added.

He continued, “There’s no reason to wear a mask if you’ve already had it, that’s why putting our kids in masks, all across the country now, these crazy people are putting our kids back in masks when almost all of the kids have had COVID… they’re just not following the science.”

“They’re just giving us SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT to the State,” Paul further asserted.

Paul then turned his attention to Anthony Fauci, stating “we are ready, we will have him testify under oath and we are going to ask about the cover up.”

“From the very beginning there was a cover up led by him, Dr Collins and others to cover up the origins of the virus,” Paul urged.

Paul then announced that next week he will be hosting a “gain of function hearing” in the Senate.