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Nothing captures just how bizarre and unearthly Democrats have become than when they get to talking about police and law enforcement. (Their fixation with gender bending is a close second.)

It would honestly do them a lot of good to just stop discussing the issue altogether. You can see it on their faces how hard it is to articulate simple concepts like, “criminals should be in jail,” or, “police deserve respect.”

They would rather complicate the issue by talking about the history of slavery, “disadvantaged communities,” and — my favorite — systemic oppression.

All the data show that across the board, regardless of race, the overwhelming majority of police and civilian interactions are fine; that minorities call on cops for help at a far higher rate than whites; and that the chance of an unarmed black man being killed by police is next to nonexistent (and when such an incident does occur, it’s because he was resisting arrest or attempting to flee in a life-threatening, high-speed chase).

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But liberals refuse to leave it alone, instead writhing in pain as they try to find some existential problem with our law enforcement.

To wit, New York Times columnist-in-training Charles Blow wrote Wednesday that former president Trump and his voters aren’t genuine supporters of the police—okay, whatever you say. But Blow couldn’t make the point without first offering a winding, tedious lecture on the theory of policing.

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