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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to visit Taiwan on her trip to Asia, despite warnings from China that its military ‘will not sit idly by’ if she does. 

Senior Taiwanese government officials and a US official both told CNN that the stop is on her trip, even though it is not on her public itinerary.

Reports from TVBS News in Taiwan have said Pelosi could arrive in Taipei as early as tomorrow night and her team has booked two hotels, although there is no mention of the visit in her official itinerary. 

The US official added that defense department officials were working on securing a plan to keep her safe, according to CNN

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The visit will inflame tensions with China, which considers Taiwan one of its own territories. 

Last Friday, Chinese state media said the government was prepared to shoot Pelosi’s plane down if it was detected in its airspace accompanied by a fighter jet escort. 

The latest warning was issued during a Chinese foreign ministry briefing by spokesperson Zhao Lijian, who said that because of Pelosi’s status as the ‘No. 3 official of the US government’, a visit to Taiwan, which China claims as its own, would ‘lead to egregious political impact’. 

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