Posted BY: Sean Ross Callaghan

The ideal of justice is a blindfolded woman poised and still and holding slowly balancing scales. At the Department of Justice over the last several years, the practice of justice is more like an inflatable flailing tube man.  

In the lead-up to the 2016 election, everyone thought that department prosecutors would decide whether to charge Hillary Clinton based on whether she knowingly violated a criminal statute prohibiting mishandling of classified material. It turned out that then-FBI Director James Comey would decide on the basis of what he thought was “reasonable.” After letting Clinton off, the tube man flailed right and Comey, breaking procedure against commenting on a pending investigation, announced that the Clinton probe was back on.  

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From then, the Justice Department only got worse. Comey told the country that one reason not to charge Clinton was that the department had never before charged someone for conduct similar to hers. Yet after Comey, the department went on to spend years investigating the then-sitting President not only for conduct never before charged but for crimes no one even knew were crimes — like bad tweeting. A dusty old law chiefly prohibiting cheating the federal government out of money would be stapled to President Trump’s tweets and taped to an obstruction-of-justice charge and then the President was going to be marched off to prison for conspiracy to steal an election — or so the department led the country’s credulous Left to believe for years.

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