Posted BY: Robert Weissberg

For over a century the public health profession has successfully improved the health of the American public. Notable successful campaigns have included anti-smoking, regular vaccinations, periodic check-ups for breast and skin cancer, and promoting healthier diets. All had a common element: show the harmful consequences of a behavior and then provide ways to mitigate it.

Unfortunately, the public health profession, like so many of our once effective institutions, has gone woke and may even be promoting death. Social justice has replaced sound medicine as if pathologies of the body can be cured by eliminating sexism, racism, homophobia, and all the rest. The profession has slipped into the La-La land where ideology trumps plain-to-see reality.  

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The current brouhaha over monkeypox illustrates this transformation. The facts are simple, and in the past public health officials would first, describe the disease, how it is transmitted and the signs of infection. Then identify high-risk populations, followed by plans of action if you believe yourself to be infected. For monkeypox the prescription would be greatly limit sexual contacts, see a doctor and follow his or her advice. Of the utmost importance, the CDC would implore those likely to contract the illness to stop the behaviors that transmit it. This is comparable to imploring smokers to stop smoking unless they want to die of lung cancer. In no time, guaranteed, the monkeypox epidemic would be under control and forgotten.  

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