Saying ‘bitches’, ‘motherf***er’ and the N word in every other song is all fine though

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Pop star Beyonce has found herself on the end of a cancelation campaign by selectively offended word police who have taken offence at her use of the term ‘spaz’ and ‘spazzy’ on one song of her new album.

The song “Heated” on her new album “Renaissance” was targeted by complainers who claim one lyric contains the “ableist slur.”

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The full lyric is “Yada, yada, yah, yada, yada, yah-yah – Yada, yada, bom-bom, kah-kah – Spazzing on that a**, spaz on that a**.”

It’s hardly Shakespeare, but it is offensive to the permanently offended.

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