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There is a thin line between philanthropy and malevolence. In recent years, that line has become purposefully smudged like a hand on a chalkboard.

Often notable philanthropists marry themselves to their ideological framework and refuse to accept that their belief system hurts more people than helping. Or, in the case of George Soros’ so-called philanthropy, hurts the innocent and benefits the predators in our society.

On Sunday, George Soros wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal detailing his deep concern for the American Justice system and his fight to correct the injustices that he believes our system creates.

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On the surface, Soros is not entirely wrong about the disparities in incarceration between black and white people and even the possibility of having better responses to preventing crime — such as focusing on education and youth programs.

The problem is that much of Soros’ reasoning for advocacy digs no deeper than the surface. Disparities do not automatically equal discrimination, yet that is the center of Soros’ argument. He doesn’t want to get into the reasons behind the disparities.

Soros will never talk to you about the links between criminality and fatherlessness because the solution to fatherlessness wouldn’t involve the government and can’t be bought by a billionaire elitist. Soros will continue to use poverty as an excuse for overall criminality while overshadowing the moral aspect of crime.

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