Posted BY: The Federalist

It’s clear that Silicon Valley is once again placing its thumb on the scale, manipulating communications that could lead to consequential outcomes.

I have led the fight in the Senate to hold Big Tech platforms such as Google accountable for their manipulation and use of machine learning that unfairly censor communications from political campaigns and rob the electorate of their options. Our latest demands for transparency and fairness apparently spooked Google. But instead of moving to treat all political emails the same and filtering Republican versus Democrat communications as they are now, the tech giant has proposed a “pilot program” in the form of an Advisory Opinion, currently with the Federal Election Commission.

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This proposal would eliminate all spam filter algorithms for participating candidates and organizations. While this proposal may appear to be in the best interest of all political emails, Gmail’s current deliverability practices have disincentivized Democratic campaigns from joining the program due to the increased chance of unsubscribes. Further, Google has created a loophole in the program allowing them to change the rules whenever it’s convenient to them, requiring participants to adhere and comply with no exception.

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